Friday, January 2, 2009


Well, the holiday's have all come and gone. I seriously don't know where my time went. I usually can sit back and enjoy the month of December, but this time, I feel like it went so fast. I feel like I just set everything up for Christmas, which may be why it is all set up still! I'll get it down one of these days.

We had a great Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at my sister's house along with my parents. It was fun. We ordered Chinese food, which as become our Christmas Eve tradition, and opened presents from my side of the family. When I was growing up, my family celebrated pretty much everything for Christmas on Christmas Eve, so we are trying to keep that tradition alive by doing all the Galaszewski stuff that night.

The next morning we got up and had fresh baked cinnamon rolls, opened our stockings, had quiche for breakfast and then started opening up presents from Jay's side of the family and from Santa. My parents joined us this day as well. It was wonderful to have them there. We like to open presents slowly, one at a time. I figure, we wait all year for this one day and I would hate to have it done in 10 minutes!
After presents we played some games and then had a large ham dinner in the early afternoon. Overall the day was great... very relaxing and laid back.

For New Year's we went down to Colorado Springs to spend it at my parents new house. They closed the day before so it was fun to stay in their very empty house as they still have not moved in. Julie, her husband and baby came along with some family friends. We ate lots of food and played games until midnight... then we were all ready for bed!! Yes, we are a little pathetic!

I am now trying to get my house in order. I need to get Christmas down and put away and somehow messes are growing at a faster rate than normal and I am having a hard time keeping up. Hopefully in the next few days I will feel a little on top of things again!!

I am feeling really well. My energy has returned a lot and I am not feeling sick. For those of you who know my past pregnancies, I am getting my "black outs" again, which I hate, but I hope they will pass soon. They usually don't stick around too long.

The girls are doing well. They loved all the holiday excitement. They had so much fun at Christmas and loved opening presents and being with family. They also learned a lot this year about giving as they made presents for my family this year and were so excited to give them. They seemed to understand a little better this year why we celebrate Christmas and why it is important to honor Jesus though it all.

In December, Brooklynn was asking a lot of questions about how Jesus gets in our hearts. It was very exciting to see her heart and mind have a desire to know Him. She asked Jesus to come and be in her heart, but she stressed that she doesn't just want Him in her heart, but to go everywhere with her and be a part of everything in her life. It was so precious and melted my heart!! I pray that as she continues to grow up, that she will truly grow to know and love Him in a very personal way and that she will follow Him with all her heart.

Well, I think that sums up our holidays. I hope you all had a great Christmas season.