Monday, December 8, 2008

conversation with Brooklynn...

B: when I grow up can I be a mommy?
M: yes, if you want to
B: but I have to get married first...
M: yes
B: how do I get married?
M: you will meet a boy, learn to love him, and then decide to get married
B: and then I can be a mommy?
M: yes

Suddenly her face got really sad and she paused a little...

B: but are you and daddy going to die?
M: someday, but hopefully we will be around for a long time and be able to see all your babies grow up... is that something you think about?
B: yes, sometimes
M: does it scare you?
B: yes, I want to see you all the time

Brooklynn is growing a lot in her intellect. It is clear that she is processing the "real" things of life a lot more. Sometimes it brings up hard conversations that I really don't know how to react to. I guess this is just one of the next steps in parenting. It really is the hardest job in the world!! I want to protect her, but tell her the truth. I can't shelter her into thinking everything about life is great when there are hard times. I guess that I have to trust that what we teach her everyday through word and action will be enough to meet her needs.

Friday, December 5, 2008


So, I have been quiet lately. Don't really know why. I just haven't had any desire to blog. We've been busy...

Jay and I went to Hawaii and had a wonderful time. It was really good for us to spend some time together without the kids... we were able to have a full conversation without being interrupted over and over!! We rested a lot, went to the beach, took walks and went to a luau. It was very nice.

Kendall is finally potty trained!!!! This was very challenging and tried my patience every day. I began to notice that when I would let her wear underwear at home, she would do better. I thought she liked the responsibility. If I put her in a pull-up she would just go in her pants and not care. So I started to let her leave the house in her panties and she has done great. We only had one accident at church... bless those nursery workers, and now she is doing very well with it. I am so proud of her!!

We have been sick this week. Colds... I hate them. All three of the girls and myself have been sick. Jay has been able to avoid it so far, which is good since he has to leave everyday for work. Hopefully we will get past this soon. Never fun.

Last, but definitely not least, just this week we are sharing the news that we are expecting another baby. We are so excited. I am 11 weeks along. I feel like we are a little crazy as we will have four kids in five years, but we are truly blessed. I have been very tired and a little sick, but hopefully some of that will pass as I am almost into my second trimester. Crazy as it may sound, this was planned and we can't wait to meet him or her... Jay says "him"... we'll see! I am due June 24.

I will try to keep up with this a little better.