Friday, February 6, 2009

It's a boy!!

I had my ultrasound today. We are having a boy! We are very excited... Jay is completely beside himself! The baby looks very strong and healthy. We have been so blessed with healthy children and I pray that for this child as well. Seeing the baby made it so much more real that I am really having another baby. I am due at the end of June.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Six years...

Today has been six years since we were married!!! In some ways it seems to have have gone so fast and I can't believe we are already at six years and in other ways, I can't remember my life before Jay.

Six years...

three and a half kids
two cross country moves
major career change
loss of parents
many laughs
many tears
buying of two homes
selling of two homes
four churches
motorcycle accident
making new friends

so many major things have come and gone. Jay, I love you more than I did the day we married. Thank you for sharing all this and much more with me. I look forward to many years to come. I love you.


This last weekend Jay and I went out to Cleveland to visit his family. We had a great time relaxing, talking, laughing and eating lots of food!!
I just had to share this conversation with my airline attendant on the way home:

her: when are you due?
me: June
her: so, it's February, then March, April, May June... so about four months left?
me: yes
her: (pointing at my stomach) don't you think it's a little big?
me: (kind-of taken back) no, this is baby number four so I guess I get a little bigger faster??????

... and then I walked away.

How rude. I actually have been feeling pretty good about my size so far, but thank for telling me I look like a cow.