Sunday, January 10, 2010

three and a half months...

That's how long it has been since I last wrote. I said at the beginning of this blog I would be bad at it, but really, it's worse than even I expected!! So, this is for Amber, who lovingly pointed out to me that I am a slacker!! Thanks!

Life is just... a whirlwind. I don't really know how to describe it. These last few months have been the busiest of my life. I feel that every day is chaotic and I am behind in everything... example.... it's January 10th and my lovely Christmas tree is still standing next to me while I type, still decorated and everything. So is my whole house... I keep saying, "one of these days I will get Christmas stuff down". We'll see when it actually happens. Maybe just in time to put it back up next year??!!

I am still working at Starbucks and Jay is still going to school. He has taken on more responsibilites at church too. It has been amazing to see the Lord work during this time. We took a leap of faith and He has been so faithful!! Why do we ever doubt???

The girls are doing great at school. They both enjoy it a lot and have made some good friends. This is the first time Brooklynn is experiencing "the real world". There have been times where she has come home from school with hurt feelings. It makes me so sad. Why do kids have to be mean? They are in kindergarten for goodness sakes. I can't imagine a few years from now. I wish I could protect her from everything. I HATE seeing her heart hurt, but that is life and I guess now is when she begins to learn how to deal with the hardships that will be with her everday from here on out. I try to take advantage of each situation and teach her how to deal with it, but it's so hard. Why can't she stay a little baby forever?

We have had an interesting winter so far with health... we have colds now, but this is the first we have been sick with the "normal" winter stuff. We have had no flu and no colds until this week, but Wesley had pnomonia Thanksgiving weekend and was in the hospital for three days. It was hard and scary, but we made it through it. We also have a bad case of lice. So gross!!! Brooklynn picked them up somewhere and they quickly went to all three girls and me. We treated and washed EVERYTHING in our house. They were gone for a couple weeks and then returned only to treat and wash everything again. They were gone and then returned again!!! Terrible. It has been almost 6 weeks since I have seen any, but I still check the girls everyday. I think I will for a long time. Lastly, this last week we have had pink-eye. Our family came from Ohio after Christmas and thought it would be a nice present to leave with us!! Thanks again Amber!!

Our holidays were great. We had Jay's family here for the week between Christmas and New Years. There were 14 people in my house for a week, but it was so much fun!! I will end with a few pictures from their visit.


Jacob Hawes said...

you just better hope we don't get any lice:) i'd take pink eye over lice:) haha glad you posted! i laughed when i read that first part:) hope you guys are going well!!!! Amber

Robin said...

Hi Janet, how fun to 'friend' you on fb and find your blog! Our families sound pretty similar - 2 girls and a baby boy, our oldest just started kindergarten, our girls were always tiny, and our baby boy has rolls too!! How funny :o) I look forward to keeping in touch!

Robin said...

oh, wait... do you have 3 girls, 4 kids altogether??


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