Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm a slacker!

I am so terrible at this blog thing. I keep telling myself I will do better, but then don't.

We have had quite a crazy few weeks here. August 5 was Jay's last day of work. That morning, I went to start a load of laundry and later found that the sensor on the washing machine was broken and never stopped filling causing a flood over a lot of my main floor and down into the basement (which thankfully is not finished!) We had to have the floors taken out in our laundry / bathroom, kitchen and some carpeting in our hallway as well as the vanity in the bathroom.

The NEXT day, our hot water heater started leaking. At first we weren't sure it really was because it seemed very coincidental that it would leak the day after our flood, but indeed it did. Jay had to replace it for us... not a cheap endeavour.

The NEXT day, one of the toilet on the second floor started to leak at the valve going into the wall. Jay also had to replace that. Not very fun!

So, for now, I think we have all our water issues under control. We are still living on ply wood and decided to pull up the carpet in our eating area and lay tile throughout. Jay is hoping to start this weekend, but is confident it will take a few weeks or so as he will only be able to do it in short periods of time. He tiled our bathroom upstairs when we first moved here, but hasn't done it since and that was only about 50 sf... this is about 350 sf. I just really want my laundry back. My sister has graciously allowed us to use her washer and dryer and while I greatly appreciate it... it is still a huge inconvenience for a family of 6 to have to bring our laundry somewhere else.

So, good news...

Brooklynn started kindergarten this last Wednesday. She is enjoying it so far and has had no tears which was a great relief for me!! She is extremely shy, but came home the first day and said she talked to her teacher and then yesterday said she talked to one other little girl. Those are HUGE steps for her!

Wesley had his two month appointment yesterday. Two months! Where has the time gone. I can't believe it! I think time goes faster with each child! Anyway, he was 12 lbs 13 oz and 24 3/4 in. long. He has grown so fast. The girls have always been small and very slow at growing... he is very different. I was just telling Jay last night that I have never had to learn how to clean between rolls at bath time!

I got a job at Starbucks this week. I don't start for about a week and a half, but I am very excited to go back to work there. Jay and I are changing so many of our roles and in some ways I am a little anxious to be working after being at home full time for five years, but in other ways I am very excited and looking forward to being out of the home some and doing something that doesn't involve diapers, screaming children and continual messes (oh, I guess that will be there, but it will be different!)

So, I think that sums up most of the last few weeks. I again, hopefully will be better at this... but I wouldn't count on it!